Tax audit of the company

Examination and detailed report of the fiscal and accounting situation of your business, identifying deviations and quantifying fiscal repercussions, proposing corrective actions, following the analysis of:

  • Tax and accounting regulations applicable to the company and its activity.
  • Actual situation in view of the existing accounting and tax documentation.
  • Historical study of contentious and Treasury Inspections.

Consulting and setting fiscal strategies

  • Analysis of strategies and establishment of tax plans that allow optimizing the taxpayer’s business operations: investments, opening of subsidiaries, mergers, business transfers, corporate restructuring …
  • Fiscal planning of operations and design of efficient fiscal structures, in accordance with Spanish and international taxation.
  • Performing prior and periodic audits in specific work centers, in collaboration with other technical agencies, if necessary.

Tax and tax inspections and contentious-administrative procedures

  • Advice, defense and representation of the client before the Tax Agency, whether they are punctual inspections, in periodic checks or checks, including the administrative resources phase before the AEAT itself, in any type of administrative file and / or tax action.
  • Representation and defense of the client’s interests in procedures followed before the Economic-Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Courts